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To the young it means to change, but to the wizened it heralds an end. I know both meanings better than anyone else. He was an apprentice to the Guardian Medivhuntil he helped defeat his possessed master. Though cursed with frailty and age, Khadgar nevertheless has been an exemplar for the Alliancedestroying the Dark Portal in the Second Warleading the Alliance Expedition to Draenorand counterattacking against the Burning Legion and all who would threaten his world with annihilation.

While a hero of the Alliance, Khadgar is willing to work with the Horde for the greater good of Azeroth. During the events on the alternate Draenorhe led the forces of the Alliance and the Horde to shut down the Dark Portaland later worked with them to cripple the Iron Horde in various areas of the world. Returning to Azeroth, Khadgar tried to prevent Gul'dan from opening the Tomb of Sargeras but was forced to witness helplessly as the portal formed and the Legion poured through.

He quickly informed important leaders of Azeroth of the impending Burning Legion invasion. Though the factions of Azeroth rallied to combat the demonic threat and attempt to reseal the portal, their armies were defeated at the Battle for the Broken Shore.

Knowing that the combined forces of the greatest champions of Azeroth are necessary to succeed in resealing the portal, Nude Cam made a plea to the Council of Six to readmit the Horde back into the Kirin Tor in order to fight the demons at full strength. The leader of the Kirin Tor at the time, Jaina Proudmoorewas in opposition to this, but the Council put the matter to a vote and the majority voted against her.

In response, Jaina left the Kirin Tor, unable to condone the Council's decision. Khadgar assumed leadership of the Kirin Tor after Jaina's departure and coordinated the campaign on the Broken Isles. Khadgar seeing a vision while in Karazhan.

Khadgar during the fight with Medivhbefore his unnatural aging. At the young age of 17, Khadgar was sent by the Kirin Tor to apprentice under the wizard Medivh in his tower at Karazhan. Having traveled from Kul Anal Bukake via a ship, he got to Karazhan where Medivh's servant, Moroeswas already waiting for him.

After Medivh asked Khadgar everything about the Kirin Tor, Medivh ordered him to clean up the library, as he had with his previous apprentices. While wandering in the tower, Khadgar found a room where he saw visions of a human army led by an old, long white-haired mage battling against creatures with green skins and black armors. Khadgar was surprised to see that the mage's eyes looked like his own. Another day, as Khadgar was sorting books, Medivh returned to his tower and attacked him, thinking that Khadgar was a thief — Medivh had forgotten that Khadgar was still there.

Medivh apologized and together they went atop of the tower. By touching his head, Medivh taught Khadgar how to ride a gryphon and they went to explore the southern part of the kingdom: the Black Morass. Medivh and Khadgar soon crossed paths with the King's Champion Anduin Lothar and his soldiers on a scouting mission to the Black Morass. Lothar had encouraged his friend to rejoin Stormwind's defense, though understood Khadgar Actor Medivh struggled with the power he unleashed on the Gurubashi years ago.

The Guardian played along and feigned a fear of tapping into unwieldy magical powers, though his true intention was to buy time for the Horde to gain power. Lothar also spoke with Khadgar, telling him about Medivh's troubled past and asking him to act as a caretaker in addition to an apprentice.

After returning to Karazhan, Medivh left Khadgar alone in the tower. Khadgar continued studying and preparing for a special spell. When he thought the spell was completed, he used it and witnessed the epic battle between Aegwynn and Sargeras. Medivh later returned so Khadgar could accompany him to Stormwind to investigate the deaths of Hugarin and Huglar. Khadgar Khadgar Actor Medivh was actually a Guardian of Tirisfala lineage Rosa Handen incredibly powerful wizards empowered by a council to combat the forces of the Burning Legion.

Soon after he began to sense something was drastically wrong with his master, though he never suspected that Medivh was actually being controlled by Sargerasthe Dark Titanhe became suspicious of his master's actions and motives. After meeting a Horde emissary, the half-orc assassin GaronaKhadgar unraveled Medivh's plot to open a portal between Azeroth and Draenor. The pair, along with Lord Anduin Lothar and a group of soldiers, returned to Karazhan and entered its lower part to find Medivh in psychic link with the Khadgar Actor warlock Gul'dan.

Khadgar fought and managed to best his master and Sargeras by plunging a sword into Medivh's heart, but not before having his life and magical energy sucked out of him. After the death of his master, he buried the remains of Medivh, Moroes, and the Cook behind the tower. After it was done, he finally recognized the vision which had been following him since he first entered the tower — the future-Medivh that was about to collect Karazhan's energies for next battle against the Burning Legion.

Khadgar with Anduin Lothar. Following Medivh's death and the fall of Stormwind to the orcs, Khadgar fled north with Lord Lothar and the rest of the refugees to Lordaeron. His magic returned to him over time far stronger than it had been beforebut his youth did not.

While he retained the endurance, strength and agility of a young man, his appearance remained that of an old man with a lined face and stark white hair. He was also surprised to learn that Lothar Khadgar Actor from the ancient Arathi bloodline. With the formation of the Alliance of Lordaeron secured, Khadgar was called to meet the Council of Six of Dalaran, where he revealed the truth regarding his apprenticeship to Medivh.

Additionally, he revealed that he planned to aid Lothar and the Alliance in their battles against the Horde threat. Recognizing that Khadgar would follow his own course regardless of their counsel, the archmages gave him leave to go, and appointed him their official liaison to Lothar. He then joined Lothar and witnessed the birth of the Silver Hand. During this time a newly made paladin by the name of Turalyon developed a rapport with Khadgar, who despite his aged appearance, was roughly the same age as the paladin.

Khadgar fought at Lothar's side for the first skirmishes at Hillsbrad and Southshore. After forcing the Horde from their initial beach landing, the Alliances forces followed the Horde northeast to the mountain pass leading to the Wildhammer dwarves ' keep of Aerie Peak. Unknown to the trailing Alliance forces, the Horde's goal was not the dwarven stronghold there.

It was merely a feint to lure the bulk of their pursuers into a cat-and-mouse diversion in the mountains and forests of the Hinterlandswhile the main body of the Horde marched on the elven homeland of Quel'Thalas.

From this location, the Horde could launch an assault on either Silvermoon City or Boob Drop. The Allied forces managed to halt the Horde's advance into inner Quel'Thalas, but Cock Rubbing Pussy the cost of many lives and a sizable portion of the Eversong Forest being destroyed. However, the Horde's wanton destruction and brutal assault on their home had convinced the elves to throw their full support behind the Alliance.

When Khadgar finally left Quel'Thalas, it was at the head of an elven armada. They arrived at the Capital Cityafter passing through the mountainous region of Alteracjust in time to turn back Doomhammer 's siege, and then chased the orcs back to the beaches of Southshore.

As Khadgar Actor Horde retreated further south the two Alliance armies finally reconnected and marched south after them. When the two forces clashed, the Warchief of the Horde, Orgrim Doomhammereventually fought and killed Anduin Lothar.

Instead of shattering the Alliance's resolve as Doomhammer intended, the Alliance rallied under Turalyon and the bulk of the Horde was defeated. The Alliance forces continued south towards the Dark Portal and defeated the remnants of the Horde gathered there.

Having studied Medivh's spells and the nature of the Dark Portal, Khadgar was able to destroy it, effectively severing the link between Azeroth and Draenor and cutting off Horde's reinforcements. The rift between worlds remained, however. Khadgar's fears would be validated only a year after Nethergarde's completion, when the portal opened again, and orc forces began pouring out, striking strategically to steal powerful artifacts.

While fighting the orcs, Turalyon suggested he'd get some food and rest. During his sleep, Khadgar had a particular dream. He was a giant running in the middle of Lordaeron, with the young appearance he had before being cursed by Medivh.

When he noticed Dalaran, he ran towards and slowly began to shrink. When he touched the pavement, he was at his normal size again. There he entered the The Violet Citadelwhere a dinner with a host awaited him. It was Antonidaswarning him that the Eye of Dalaran was stolen. Antonidas promoted Khadgar to the rank of archmage and placed him in a position of authority over the mission to enter the Dark Portal and investigate Draenor.

Realizing the havoc the Horde could bring, the Alliance launched an expedition to the orc homeworld headed by Khadgar.

In Draenor, Khadgar quickly discovered that the situation was even worse than he had feared. The orcs, under the leadership of the shaman Ner'zhulwere planning on opening doorways to new worlds for the Horde to plunder.

Moving from there Khadgar and his fellows sought the Skull of Gul'danfinding it in Deathwing 's possession and to this end they form an alliance with Gruul against the Black Dragonflight. After that, Gruul and his ogre minions, along with the heroes, challenged Deathwing from his perch in Blade's Edge Mountains — killing his eggs and impaling his lesser black drakes on the mountain spikes.

Infuriated by this act, Deathwing landed on top of them and attacked Gruul. Although clearly no match for the mad Aspect's power, Gruul was saved by Khadgar's miraculuous spell when he disassembled some of the adamantium plates that were holding Deathwing's unstable body together resulting in Deathwing's retreat. Honoring his word Gruul allowed the Alliance to leave unharmed, which they did so with the Skull of Gul'dan now in Khadgar's possession.

However, the Alliance forces ultimately failed to stop Ner'zhul from opening and escaping into his portals, and the subsequent chaotic energy the portals released began to destroy the planet. However in an act of last defiance against the dying Obris who had been betrayed by Ner'zhul handed over the Book of Medivhwhich he had been entrusted with, to Khadgar.

To prevent the potential destruction of Azeroth, the archmage used Medivh's spellbook to close the Larry Wheels Running Portal from the other side, thereby shielding Azeroth from the final cataclysm of Draenor's destruction.

Khadgar ushered the survivors into one of the rifts and returned back to the remnants of Draenor. Khadgar is immortalized in a massive stone statue in the Valley of Heroes in Stormwindalongside the other leaders of the Alliance Expedition.

This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade. Khadgar in Shattrath City. He is affiliated with the Sons of Lothar and brought the Sha'tar naaru led by A'dal to Outland because he believes that only their power can drive the Legion from this universe.

He hoped to unite both Alliance and Horde against their true enemies. Khadgar had traveled around Draenor visiting places like Auchindoun and Tempest Keep. Four months before the death of the Betrayer, the Sha'tar sent him to Netherstorm to investigate some strange Noureen Dewulf Nude. So he was not present when Maiev Shadowsong visited the city but the warden learned about him from Alexiusa Broken innkeeper.

Khadgar, probably an advisor to the naaru called A'dalcan be found in the central dome of the Terrace of Light of Shattrath Citylocated in the western borders of Terokkar Forest. He appears as an NPC representing the need of the Alliance and the Horde to work together to defeat the Burning Legion much like the Argent Dawn in Azeroth, which encourages the rival factions to ally against the Scourge.

Khadgar likely also met Vindicator Maraada draenei paladinduring this time, and was probably surprised to be informed that Garona was not only half draenei, but was also Maraad's niece. Maraad's explanations of Garona's background gave Khadgar a complete picture of Garona, and a better understanding of her, realizing a parallel between her and Medivh.

His experiences, in turn, furthered along with Maraad's search for his niece and knowledge of what happened to her after she left Draenor through the Dark Portal and up until the end of the Second War. The two men apparently also became good friends as the result of meeting each other. Khadgar explains to the varied races of Azeroth that although they may have withstood the Burning Legion twice, the Burning Legion is still marching across the universe continuing their Burning Crusadean ongoing war to snuff out life in the universe, burning planets and Hentai Capitulos everyone in their path and that adventurers must join the fight.

Khadgar Actor

Khadgar Actor

Khadgar Actor

Khadgar Actor

Khadgar Actor

To the young it means to change, but to the wizened it heralds an end.

Khadgar Actor

Warcraft () Ben Schnetzer as Khadgar. [Khadgar turns Lothar's prison guard into a sheep, then picks up the keys and unlocks his cell]Missing: Actor.

Khadgar Actor

Khadgar Actor

Khadgar Actor

Khadgar was mentioned on Durnholde Keep's bulletin board in the canceled game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans. Khadgar was voiced by an unknown actor in Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, by Cam Clarke in the video News From Outland: Crisis at Da Portal!, and by Tony Amendola .

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