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Stacked - b

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Designed by Julien de Smedt

Stacked is one of our favourite storage systems. It is absolutely customizable - which lets you have the combination you need. 

You can use it as a room divider, as a shelving unit or even as a side table.
Choose one of our pre-defined systems that work in different settings:

Setup - B:
Small Module - white without backboard = 2 pcs
Small Module - ash without backboard = 1 pcs
Medium Module - ash with ash backboard = 1 pcs
Medium Module - ash with grey backboard = 1 pcs
Podium - ash = 1 pcs
Clips Set - white = 1 set

Or design your own system with Muuto's easy to use Stacked Configurator. Play around with the possibilities and find a combination that is perfect for your space. Once you've decided, just publish a pdf and send it to We will get back to you with costs and delivery times.