Pebble Cheese Plane
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Pebble Cheese Plane

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Designed by Simon Legald

Pebble is a collection for serving cheese, designed with an eye for elegant visual presentation. The collection consists of four different utensils and a serving board in two sizes.

With Pebble, designer Simon Legald has taken everyday utensils and given them an aesthetic boost. The cutting utensils have a minimalistic, moulded expression, which still clearly conveys their function. With a knife for soft cheeses, a plane for hard cheeses and a slicer for medium cheeses, as well as a cheese fork, you can put together a complete cheese set.

Pebble takes its name from the rounded design that unifies the collection, from the curves on the cutting utensils to the organic shape and smoothed edges of the serving board.

Stainless Steel
Ceramic Coating
Silicone Handles.

H: 20
L: 7,4
D: 2 cm