Nyhavn Vase-Large
Nyhavn Vase-Large
Nyhavn Vase-Large
Nyhavn Vase-Large
Normann Copenhagen

Nyhavn Vase-Large

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Designed by Simon Legald

Nyhavn is a combination of three different modes of expression which when combined creates a familiar yet novel expression. The vase´s glossy white neck and foot with riffles contrast beautifully with the dusty shades of the matt finished center adding exclusivity and visual impact to the design.

With its plump silhouette, the Nyhavn Vase is friendly and welcoming to look at. The vases are stunning by themselves or when placed together in various combinations. 

Display it empty in a still life where it will draw the eye or let Nyhavn complete the natural beauty of your bouquet. With several varieties to choose from, there is a Nyhavn Vase to accommodate flowers of all sizes.


Diameter: 15,4 cm
Height: 22,6 cm
Weight: 1 kg