K Desk - Black - Rafa Kids - 2
K Desk - Black - Rafa Kids - 2
K Desk - White - Rafa Kids - 1
K Desk - Natural - Rafa Kids - 3
K Desk -  - Rafa Kids - 4
K Desk -  - Rafa Kids - 5
K Desk -  - Rafa Kids - 6
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K Desk

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Designed by Agata and Arek Seredyn from the Netherlands

The K desk is a playful yet elegant very funcional workstation.

It can be used both in its open and closed position.

Open it for working and close it up, leaving everything you are using on the inside so your space looks always tidy.

Fits a laptop inside, as well as books and whatever it is you need for a great study / homework station.

Its seamless design makes it suitable for both, young adults or not so young. Recommended for children 6 and up.

W 75 cm D 80 cm H 75 cm

Finnish birch & birch plywood