Geo Vacuum Jug - White - Normann Copenhagen - 1
Geo Vacuum Jug - White - Normann Copenhagen - 1
Geo Vacuum Jug -  - Normann Copenhagen - 2
Geo Vacuum Jug - Black - Normann Copenhagen - 3
Geo Vacuum Jug - Turquoise - Normann Copenhagen - 4
Geo Vacuum Jug - Grey - Normann Copenhagen - 5
Geo Vacuum Jug - Purple - Normann Copenhagen - 6
Geo Vacuum Jug - Red - Normann Copenhagen - 7
Geo Vacuum Jug -  - Normann Copenhagen - 8
Normann Copenhagen

Geo Vacuum Jug

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Designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen

A minimalistic design featuring masculine, sharp edges fused with bright and lively color combinations. This is the essence of the Geo Vacuum Flask. Geo holds warm and cold drinks in a stylish way.

Geo has a classic and retro-inspired design, and its eccentric and fashion-inspired color combinations make it a new and unexpected impression of a thermos. Use Geo on an outing to the forest, for afternoon tea or on the terrace on a warm summer evening.

The Geo Vacuum Flask holds one liter and comes in the colors purple, grey, black, white, red and turquoise.

Red Dot Design Award 2013
German Design Award ”Special Mention” in 2014

Plastic, Thermo Flask

1 lt capacity.
Height: 20 cm 
Diameter: 16,5 cm
Weight: 930 gr

Product Info:
Not suitable for dishwasher.