About us


From Mexico to the Netherlands

Andres (architect) and Giselle (stylist) both born and raised in Mexico, got married in 2009 and were each running our own business. We began working together in diverse projects ranging from architecture and interior design to event styling and object curation. 

After more than 5 years of having the desire to move to Holland we finally took the chance in 2014. We sold everything we owned, closed both of our companies and moved with our 2 beautiful kids to the low countries.

We lived among windmills and tulips for under a year and then relocated to Eindhoven - the dutch city of design - to open our studio/designshop in the city center.


Interior Studio + Designshop

When we decided to open up Crioll studio we had one very "good" question: How do we get clients? In a brand new city. In a different country. In another language!

So we opened a design shop in the city centre

We filled it with (mostly) Scandinavian items. - After an obsession with Scandinavian furniture, we could finally get our hands on it without high import costs and endless delivery times. And the best part was that not many of our favourite brands were available to the public in the Eindhoven region.

Now they are ; )

We are changing constantly.
Come visit us, you wont be disappointed.


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