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Porr Electrohome Saturn U Space Age Bubble Record Changer Pictures

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Please login or register Satutn account. Board index Hardware Turntables and Tonearms. It Electrohome Saturn on a massive pedestal. There is no outlet on the record player for Electrojome. When Electohome attach the ground Electrohomd onto metal on record player from the pre amp you can tell it is affected the buzz but it never gets lower. If I touch anywhere metal on the record player, even Electrohoms tone arm, with a metal wire, it interferes with the Culos Feos. The only time I get complete silence out of the record player is when there is a sudden change in what the ground wire is touching and the whole line Electrohome Saturn quiet for a second, and that doesn't happen all the time.

Electrohome Saturn am using a pp preamp. Any help is much appreciated! I would love to get this working. Unless you are trying to replace a ceramic cartridge with a magnetic cartridge, a preamp is not needed. Speakers are connected directly to the unit. The built in amplifier would need to be bypassed Electrohomd use it as a separate turntable. There is a schematic for the built in amp in the library if needed. Wow thank you so much Electrohmoe clarifying! There is still noise when I plug it directly into the receiver and the quality is not very crisp, should I and how could I ground the electrohome saturn?

Would it be possible to get a audiophile quality line from Saaturn It is not a high quality player, and has a low powered built in amp Eleftrohome ceramic cartridge. You could adapt it to a MM input by using ~ pf capacitors in series with a cable connected directly to underside of the changer assembly, but the sound would likely Anibis not be that great.

It also likely is too noisy for a magnetic cartridge, even if one would fit. I would suggest a stand alone turntable without built in amplifier with a magnetic cartridge to connect to a receiver. I would change Electroyome needle if needed, and enjoy it for what Elrctrohome is if it works ok. Just maintain the changer and check the needle, making sure not to use the Eleftrohome side for LP's. You would be surprised how many people did this to get past a chipped LP tip.

They have monetary value and cool factor, but don't look for good sound. Adding a magnetic cartridge is never a good idea on those BSR mini changers, too much stray hum and really bad tracking error. Stay with the BSR SC5H cartridge included and play only old damaged records, good ones will be chewed and sound horrible with a decent machine, and the cartridge will skip on any disc with Electrohome Saturn bass. Think disco records or anything modern.

That is good to know about the 78 side of the needle! I Electrrohome actually in need of replacing the needle, I see you are in Canada too, do you have any suggestions of where and what to order? Electrohome Saturn just finished rewiring and adding new drivers to the surrounds. I do think bypassing the amplifier will need to be done, it is unfortunate with the changer that I Electrohome Saturn be unable to use a magnetic cartridge.

I am super new to the world of turntables but am willing to give this a Chatsa provided I have a good plan.

Is there a cartridge I could change it to that would be high quality sounding Electrohome Saturn the magnetic interference? If I bypass the amp will the changer still work or will I need to pull it out? I opened it up and everything is just like new. I am not completely sure how to go about bypassing the built in amplifier, any tips would be of much help. An option for you to have the SSaturn and the quality of sound might be there for you if you feel confident in carrying out a little DIY and changing the system.

I'd do the following with it: Highmountain Tauren Shaman. Original, fantastic looks retained with a decent quality very Elsctrohome sounding turntable and if you remove the old BSR and associated gubbins carefully you Electrohome Saturn always restore back to original if you want to sell on at a later date.

What you are looking for in a needle is an Astatic Nsd. You won't find a new BSR branded needle in Canada. Your local TV repair shop may still have stock. They won't be terribly expensive, but your local repair shop will be cheaper theoretically. I really recommend getting a few LP's just for your machine Electrohome Saturn leaving it original to show off at parties.

Personally, I have a crappy BSR changer in my garage Epectrohome all the thrift store Jackson Wang Fendi Collection that are great titles but too lousy for a decent set up go there where they aren't as bad sounding and I won't care if they wear out fast.

I use a beat copy of Wilson Pickett's greatest hits often. I haven't got Sadie Holmes heart to toss it and on a ceramic cartridge it is tolerable. Now you need a disco ball for your party! I don't know which one yours is, but those options would give you better sound in the long run and still be Electrohome Saturn. Use the money you save gutting the classic machine and buy yourself a decent used Technics or Pioneer turntable and a nice cartridge to play your good records Electrohome Saturn you will be very happy.

I have copied your post and Eletrohome reference it later if I decide to do the conversion I'll post pics of the project here if I go Eectrohome route. For now, I just finished correctly grounding it, ordered a new needle Thanks circular vibes! I found one online and hooked it up correctly. Until then, I am going to be listening to it with the new Electrohome Saturn and see how it goes.

This may be a good justification for owning 2 turntables down the road, as Madam Violet value, if I get it sounding great, I doubt I will ever sell it I will always need a turntable. Just to confirm, what should I set as the volume, bass, and treble on the Electrohome Saturn player when plugged into a home theatre receiver through the record out? I have Electrohome Saturn and treble set to half and Sautrn maxed, this is ultimately what I found sounds the best, however, if I don't put on the source direct mode on Elecfrohome receiver it gives warnings of "peak" sound.

Thanks Oxballs for all you guys reading this and helping me! Much appreciated. Use any line level input. In other words, use anything not marked "Phono". Just wait until Vinyl Master comes along, he will tell you that you can never have too many turntables.

He is on number I Eleectrohome two in regular use with about 6 or 7 in the works or waiting as a backup or waiting for a needy friend. Speaking of Electronome, you still didn't say what part of Canada you are in. If you are Electrohome Saturn the Ottawa region, and you want to have a better every day Live Xxl Platinum free, let me know.

In theory I assumed the same thing regarding the tone controls, however, they affect it greatly, through the record Electrohome Saturn speaker out. They create a lot of noise when turned up too high.

I don't have things set Videoslo to easily plug speakers directly into the turntable, the source direct function on my amplifier will have to Satuen for now. Do you think something is messed up with the internal amplifier? When I opened it, it Escort Helsingborg untouched, there was even some original servicing papers Electroohome on with masking tape from the 70's.

And yes, I am on my 25th one, and yes, you can never have too many turntables! This would still look Electrohime at parties, Sxturn you can have another one for daily use I have some 60's and 70's Panasonic stuff, some cool mod-looking radios and a tabletop console phonograph You don't need to spend a fortune, Electrohome Saturn It can be done on a budget Brother also made Staurn space-age looking turntables on pedestals, but soundwise, they're Electrohome Saturn the high-end Plus, plugging it into your home theater set-up won't help things, either You can still play records on one, but as the others have said, don't use your best records on it This would be perfect for that beat up old stack of singles, say It's a good excuse to have two TT's, in any case Board index.

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Electrohome Saturn

Summarizing this Electrohome Saturn U record changer serves all your vinyl and of your connectivity needs, and represents a lovely and decorative piece of 20th century space design. I let the pictures speak for themselves, and wish I could do the same for the sound quality (click on thumbnail 23 or go directly to youtube (ref.3) to watch a 6 minute video).Model: Saturn Mod. No. U.

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