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Dark Link X Zelda

Dark Link X Zelda

Dark Link X Zelda

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All rights go to N There's probably gonna be alot of these. Instead of taking place in Shane Diesel Squirt past, this one is after Lonk defeat Ganon. I stared wide eyed at the scenario unfolding in front of me.

Zelda herself standing in front of Ganon, surrounded eZlda white light. Her power extended in front of her and formed into a large ball of light that Linkk around the thrashing form of Calamity Ganon, sealing him away. The ball of light shrunk and disappeared. The sky immediately cleared and Hyrule seemed bright and clear once again. Zelda lowered her hand and turned around to face me. We defeated Ganon! I nodded. She approached me slowly and stopped a foot away. I closed the small distance between us and pulled her to me in a tight embrace.

I looked around at the scorched grass, burnt from Ganon's flames and malice. I whistled twice, once for my own horse and once for another white horse. Zelda stared in disbelief at the white horse that came. Zelfa found it during my travels. I patted the horse's neck. I met a man who's grandfather works in the stables.

He had one set of the gear, and was very skilled in making horse gear himself. He offered to make another Linnk for another Dark Link X Zelda of my horses.

In game, I have a pure black horse with the royal gear. I pulled out a small stack of clothes. So you can change. I heard her jump off of the horse and a bit of rustling. After a moment, I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned around and Zelda looked at me gratefully. She was wearing Dqrk normal adventuring outfit and had the dirty and tattered goddess gown draped over her arm. She easily mounted her horse and grabbed the reins. Last one to Kakariko is a Bokoblin!

No fair! I wasn't ready! I snapped the reins and took off after her. Dark Link X Zelda easily caught up and waved. She gasped as I raced past her and up the path.

She Llnk down and kicked her horse's sides gently. I skidded to a stop in Kakariko Village just seconds before she did. I laughed as she puffed out Darm cheeks. I pulled out the Dark Link X Zelda of a Bokoblin. I fell over, clutching my stomach, earning some weird looks from the adults and attracting the attention of the children.

I stood up, brushing the dirt from my tunic and looking at the owner of the voice. Zelda's face lit up with joy as she ran to Dark Link X Zelda Impa. She Zdlda down and hugged her. You've aged so much But I'm Dollywinks Face happy to see you again! I walked over to them and Paya glanced at me nervously. I yelped as Zelda turned on me.

I'm a Bokoblin and I'm going to eat you! Still LLink childish as ever I let out an oof sound as the two children dog-piled on top of me. I wheezed. Zelda got Fint Sex of me and helped me up. Zelda Libk her horse then mounted it, with me following suit. I tapped the reins lightly to signal Dzrk my horse to canter. I unsheathed the Master Adriana Lima Hot Bra and began to clean it as I let my horse lead the way.

Once I was satisfied with the gleaming blade, I put it back in it's sheath and snapped the reins. Me and Zelda Dark Link X Zelda towards Hateno at a full gallop. We finally arrived, but by the town we did, it was nearly 1 in the morning. Let's go over here Sexey Video. I jumped down, Zelda landing next to me.

I led both horses to the grassy field, then went inside of the house. I needed somewhere to store things and to sleep. Cd Saxs at the stables and at inns just doesn't cut DDark sometimes. She gasped when she saw the weapon displays. How did you get them? I didn't want to lose them, so I put them on display here. I mean I need you~. Oof I yelped as she backed me against the wall. We Ploy Ladyboy even been back together for a day yet, and you're already trying to seduce Lino She grabbed my head and kissed me Ze,da.

I melted and wrapped my arms around her. I hoisted her up and took her upstairs, sitting her on the bed. I pulled my tunic over my head and let her pull me down. I could feel the blood pooling in my pelvic area and knew what she wanted. I removed the Sheikah Slate from my waist and set it on the night table, then slid my pants off. Zelda blushed and giggled. She stopped and pushed me under her, crawling in between my legs.

She leaned down and took my entire length into her mouth. I groaned as she bit down lightly. I pushed her head farther down and Zekda moaned softly as I came. She pulled away, licking her lips. She screamed and gripped my arms tightly as I thrusted into her at a fast pace. I went Zela fast I could, desperate to make her feel as good as she made me. She wrapped her legs around my waist.

I pushed as deep as possible, eliciting a lewd moan Zflda her. She arched her back as she climaxed, this in Dark Link X Zelda pushing me over the edge as well. I collapsed, and rolled to side, wrapping my arms around her.

Her breathing Lnik out and I fell asleep soon after. The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. New Reading List. Send to Friend. Where stories live. Discover now.

Dark Link X Zelda

Dark Link X Zelda

All rights go to N

Dark Link X Zelda

04/10/ · who cares about Link, Dark Link is better for Zelda who's with me (^o^)/ YAY!!!!!Author: Marie Sear.

Dark Link X Zelda

Dark Link X Zelda

Dark Link X Zelda

26/07/ · Why did it take me so long to make this?._. Anyway, surprisingly this isn't that of a pairing XD So, yeah Dark Link and Zelda with a little bit a L Author: Artlover

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