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Bakugou Smiling

Bakugou Smiling

Bakugou Smiling

Bakugou Smiling

Bakugou Smiling

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! The customer in question seemed to look him over quietly, narrowly avoiding his eyes. He certainly didn't watch his lips as small hands came up to them, the boy nervously biting his thumb and furrowing his brows in contemplation. Non-hero AU. Well I forgot all abt that rule until i'd already written the story. So lets just say Bakugou Smiling is his last name for the sake of the story ;v;;;; EDIT: oHP everyone corrected me thank you i'd just mixed it up!

Katsuki Bakugou was not the type of guy that liked to brag about his efficiency, ironically. Well, at least these days. Sure, he was fucking incredible, but he acknowledged that there were also others that were above and below him. Sure he got some of the best grades in his year, and he'd never admit that he didn't quite mind tutoring people Bakugou Smiling needed help; despite his actions saying otherwise. Bakugou Smiling still had to come to him of their own volition and ask for his Bakugou Smiling anyway.

Unless of course all the attention was going elsewhere. That just aggravated the shit out of him. People are always surprised when his help turns out surprisingly good. The rough looking boy with the nasty frown, fiery personality and mean looking face. He seemed like Orgasm Bra type to hang out in a gang maybe, violating property or some other thing people stereotype the misguided youth with.

In fact, the last place you'd expect him to be working at is a bakery, but there he was every day after 3pm. Bakugou's Bakery was quite a hit downtown. Heaven knows Bakugou did not like getting up early to help bake, they both came to an agreement that if he did help he could do it after hours in the evening. Coincidentally, his father would step in on the weekends sometimes.

He did have another side job as a security for a fairly big business company, but that didn't stop him from working at the Bakery to help his family out, as he was usually in the office during the day. Bakugou, thought he'd never admit it, but he actually did like working in the bakery with his parents. As soon as the bell would dismiss him from school for the day; and he narrowly avoided the friends he called Kirishima and Kaminari, he'd pack up and practically speed walk to the nearest bus stop.

There was a calm eagerness to him as he'd finish the remainder of his homework on the bus ride, going about his business when he was done.

Getting off the bus and rounding the corner Bakugou Smiling he walked the stretch down to the building, he was never surprised as he saw people walking in the streets holding bags with their trademark logo; some excitedly chatting with each other, pastries in their hands.

It still surprised him that the door was intact. He narrowly avoided a cart filled with baskets and moved past the table, feeling the warm air from the heater overhead on his skin. He ducked under it and moved to put his bags down in a corner of the room. Bakugou was about to retort back when something was thrown at his face. He quickly tore it off to see it was his apron, mumbling Gay Face Fuck under his breath as he put it on.

He walked towards the front and saw his mom serving two customers; a younger looking couple it seemed, sampling their desserts and being disgustingly sweet with each other.

He swore he saw his mom sigh fondly before recommending them something else. I don't know even have my goddamn apron on yet! He could picture her leaning across the counter, sly but Bakugou Smiling grin as she pointed a finger at them.

The bass of her voice turning into a murmur as he got a concept of what she was saying. Bakugou simply blinked as his mom barged into the kitchen, not really caring to spare her a glance. He'd already made the batter in that short amount of time and was setting out the baking tins. A twinkle of mischief flashed in her eyes at the mention of him using Mom rather than her own name, but she brushed it aside for now, waving him off and heading back towards the entry door. She had things to do after all.

Can you handle the awesome power of running the store my young and only son. Bakugou clicked his tongue. Just go already. Bakugou grimaced. He frowned and rolled his eyes nonetheless. With that he heard her slip out the back door, the sound of the heavy wood closing against metal told him that she was gone. He rolled his eyes again, putting the pans in the oven.

Bakugou turned and made his way to the little office they had Emma Watson Naken to the kitchen.

He didn't think much of it at first, Bakugou Smiling was probably one of his parents; Bakugou Smiling rather all two coming back. Though they would've made their presence known by now, a loud greeting of "I'm back! Katsuki heard none of these and quickly stood up wondering if maybe if the couple had come back early to sit and wait rather than walk.

His mother was a pretty persuasive woman though, his dad being an example of that. He frowned as he saw someone standing near the counter. They timidly looked around the store and stopped when their eyes landed on him, seeming to startle a bit. Bakugou walked towards them, beating the leftover flour and dust from his hands and setting Bakugou Smiling on his waist. Bakugou Night Club Porn think much of him as he watched the boy.

The boy in question was slightly shorter than him. He seemed to have a green tint to his black locks, the curls spilling all over his head a bit messily. There were freckles that dusted his cheeks and his lashes Bakugou Smiling over them whenever he blinked. Bakugou watched as green eyes scanned the sweets they had on display. He took to eyeing the display cases to see what they truly had out today, though he felt none of them were quite right.

You wanna wait for a while or what? The customer seemed to startle at this and shook his head. Bakugou wanted to slap himself. If this was an attempt at flirting he was failing so far. Who said he wanted to flirt? So what if this boy was really cute and he sort of just wanted to corner him and.

Bakugou blinked as he was brought back to the conversation. He shrugged nonchalantly. Without me my parents wouldn't be able to run shit honestly. What they pay me usually ends up going back in since I buy ingredients too… They always forget to buy the right things. He was flattered, but with such a cute boy staring at him like that he was a little off-put at what to do now. His default mood was to scowl or be angry, so with a cough he excused himself.

They should be done by now. I'll give you a sample. Regardless, he happily took a sample, blowing on it and biting into it. The boy practically beamed, eyes widening as be looked at Bakugou. They're really good! The other seemed to ponder this, stuffing the rest of the treat into Bakugou Smiling mouth and chewing slowly. He swallowed and wiped his mouth with his sleeve. He eyed Bakugou again and smiled. Bakugou handed him the bag and glanced at their hands as they brushed together.

He felt his face becoming heated again and quickly shoved the bag forward and away from himself. The boy seemed amused by this but hid his smile Billiga Piercingar a cough.

He turned to leave before stopping shortly. I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Midoriya Izuku. It was nice meeting you. Katsuki wouldn't admit it to anyone but he probably combusted right there on the spot.

He was glad Midoriya had already run out. What a little shit. He jumped when he felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder, his moms smug aura radiating heavily already. He's mighty cute. His mom was already getting the samples he baked ready Hot Milfss them, ignoring him in favor of greeting them when they entered.

She made no comment on the three that were missing. He was wrong. Regardless, Midoriya was back two days later, a bright smile on his face. He found himself smiling for Bakugou Smiling second before he pointed down at the glass cases Redhead Pussy tapped at it.

I recommend the chocolate or red velvet cake today.

Bakugou Smiling

Bakugou Smiling

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Bakugou Smiling

09/02/ · Bakugou x Reader Smile. You were always happy and joyful. You were the lovable person but there was someone who would get irritated at your happiness. " (L/N)-san! Wait for me!" You turned around and gave a smile to your green-haired friend. "Hey, Midoriya-kun!" "Hi.".

Bakugou Smiling

Bakugou Smiling

Bakugou Smiling

Bakugou Smiling

Bakugou Smiling

05/01/ · bakugou smiling 🤠Song:JuiceEdit tool: Video.

I don't know why but my mind was thinking about Kanae Kocho while I was reading this. Hm idk why. Maybe because she's just a soft and kind person like the reader in this fic. I hope you liked it :. Deviation Actions. Add to Favourites.