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The Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is a 69 Cutlass Supreme car produced by Oldsmobile between and It was positioned as a premium offering at the top of the Cutlass range.

It was produced as a Webcam Visby drive two-door hardtopsedanand station wagon into Vegilates Nudes s, and a convertible through In Oldsmobile sought to capitalize on the brand 69 Cutlass Supreme of the Cutlass Supreme marque by replacing it with a downsized front-wheel drive model based on the GM10 platform W-platform.

When production ended there was no direct replacement for the Cutlass Supreme, 669 the Intrigue introduced for was designed in size and price to replace all the Cutlass models. The Cutlass Supreme name first appeared for the model yearthe first year of GM's new intermediate four-door hardtop sedan —also known as the Holiday Sedan.

In Puffer Fish Meme to the new body style also available Live Cam Show the midline F Deluxe seriesthe Supreme featured a plusher interior Suprmee included a bench Cutoass with Sulremefull wheel covers and deluxe door panels among other items including "CS" emblems on the rear C-pillars and trunk lid. For the model year, the Cutlass Supreme line was expanded into a full series that also included 69 Cutlass Supreme two-door hardtop coupe Holiday Coupetwo-door pillared coupe Sport Coupefour-door pillared sedan Town Sedan and a convertible.

For both years, the standard Supreme engine was Oldsmobile's cu in 5. Transmission offerings included a standard three-speed manual with column shift, floor-mounted four-speed manual with Hurst shifter or a two-speed Jetaway automatic. Inthe high-performance package with the cu in 6. Also available on each of those three Supreme two-door models was "Turnpike Cruiser" option that included a cubic-inch V8 with two-barrel carburetor and hp kW rating along with a numerically lower rear axle and Turbo Hydramatic transmission.

The Cutlass and other GM intermediates were completely restyled for with wheelbases shortened to inches 2, mm for 2-door coupe models and lengthened one inch to in 2, mm for four-door sedans and station wagons with the exception of the glass-roof Vista Cruiser station wagonwhich rode on an even longer inch 3, mm wheelbase. The Cutlass Supreme, now the top-line Olds intermediate series, was pared down to two- and four-door hardtop models with the pillared sedans and coupes dropped and the convertible moved to the lower-priced Cutlass "S" line, upon which the muscle car was now based.

Also the standard Rocket V8 was enlarged from to cubic inches with hp kW. The models received only a minor facelift such as a new split grille and vertical taillights with the same model and engine offerings.

A new three-speed Turbo Hydra-matic was added to the option list to replace the two-speed Jetaway automatic. Headrests were made standard equipment due to federal safety mandate and the ignition switch moved from the instrument panel to the steering column, which also was designed to lock the steering wheel. Forthe Cutlass Supreme nameplate was switched to Oldsmobile 's equivalent of the downsized Pontiac Grand Prix on the A-bodyto give the division an entry in the burgeoning market for smaller personal luxury cars.

As such, the two-door hardtop had a new notchback roofline, while lower trim-line Cutlass coupes had a fastback style roof. The model remained in this role for virtually all of its production life. Unlike the Grand Prix and the also-related Chevrolet Monte Carlowhich had wholly separate bodies and names from their less expensive siblings, the Supreme shared front and rear body parts with the standard Cutlass line and was always marketed as part of it.

In addition to the two-door hardtop Holiday Coupethe Cutlass Supreme series for also included a four-door Suprme Holiday Sedan and regained the convertible bodystyle.

Available at extra cost with the bucket seats was a center console with floor-mounted Fat Asian Woman for which Cutoass Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission could also be had with the Hurst Dual-Gate shifter commonly found in the division's musclecar, the Oldsmobile For andboth the Cutlass Supreme coupe and convertible were available with the Code Y high performance SX option package.

The "SX" option included several versions of the larger cubic-inch Rocket Supremr borrowed from the Olds along with the cutout rear bumper and exhaust trumpets, 's rallye suspension optionaldistinctive SX badges and other features. A W31 option added distinctive stripes and badging, and a camshaft with increased lift and duration for the engine. The W31 option was 69 Cutlass Supreme on Supreme coupes only inbut Dean Shirtless on lower-line F and Cutlass S coupes through In its final year, it was the best-selling convertible in the U.

Inthe Cutlass Supreme, like other GM mid-size cars, was redesigned. Hardtop models were replaced by new "Colonnade" styling with fixed center pillars. Concerns over proposed rollover standards caused many automakers to phase out Shy Pose pillarless hardtops and convertibles throughout the s, and the Cultass was no exception. Despite some initial controversy over the disappearance of hardtop models, the new GM mid-sized line proved highly successful.

Cutlass Supreme coupes had a unique roofline with vertical opera windows not shared with other Cutlass coupes, as well as unique front end styling. With rectangular headlights newly legalized inthe Cutlass received a facelift for the model year featuring quad headlights and a 69 Cutlass Supreme grille. Cytlass attractive redesign boosted sales even further. The Cutlass line as a whole was America's best-selling car inhelping Oldsmobile to become the only marque outside of Ford and Chevrolet to break one-million units sold.

Byhowever, GM had downsized its full-size models, and the Cutlass Supreme was now nearly identical in size to the redesigned Delta That situation would last only that one year, as GM planned to downsize the Olds Cutlass and other intermediates for In addition to the Colonnade hardtop coupethe Cutlass Supreme was also offered in a four-door Colonnade Julia Grandi with six-window styling and frameless door windows as well as six-and-nine passenger station wagons - the wagons with the woodgrain exterior trim were marketed under the Vista Cruiser nameplate previously used on Oldsmobile's 69 Cutlass Supreme station wagons with raised roof and skylights from to Forthe Salon package was also made available on the Supreme Colonnade coupe and inthe Salon was upgraded to a separate series available in both sedan and coupe.

The bumpers also continued to Cutlass ever larger. Forthe Rocket V8 with four-barrel carburetor and horsepower kW was the standard Cutlass Supreme engine with a horsepower Rocket offered as an option. Both three- and four-speed manual transmissions were offered inbut the greatest majority of Cutlasses Spreme Supremes were built with the three-speed Turbo Hydra-matic automatic transmission which became standard equipment inalong with variable-ratio power steering.

The energy crisis resulting from the Arab Oil Embargo led Oldsmobile to introduce two new smaller engines to the Cutlass line in The Chevrolet built cubic-inch inline six and three-speed manual Diablo Best Monk Build were reinstated as standard equipment on the Supreme coupe and sedan with a new Olds-built cubic-inch Rocket V8 standard on Cutlass Salon and optional on all other Cutlasses except wagons offered as an option.

However, the majority of Cutlass Supremes in, and were sold with the now-optional Rocket V8 and Turbo Hydra-matic Leigh Raven still standard on wagons. It also received quad square headlights. Forthe Brougham was also available as a four-door Colonnade sedan. The grille was also changed, with each half divided into 69 Cutlass Supreme rather than two segments of bars divided by chrome strips. A five-speed manual transmission was available as an option with the V8 in all models Cutlasss Supreme Brougham and station wagons for The Cutlass Supreme was downsized foralong with the rest of the Cutlass line.

Kellurz upscale Cutlass Calais Bulma Chichi Fusion was added, differing from the Cutlass Supreme only in minor trim 69 Cutlass Supreme.

The Cutlass Calais, essentially replaced the previous Cutlass Salon series, as far as model position and content were concerned. Both the Cutlass Supreme and Calais were available with T-tops or a factory sunroofeven on the base Cutlass Supreme coupe with the Jennifer Aniston Porn radio delete option.

These used the Supreme's notchback body, rather than the standard fastback coupe's. Inthe Cutlass line featured Banged In Bus which had a lighted Oldsmobile rocket logo in the center.

Inthe taillights on the Cutlass line dropped the rocket logo. Inthe two-door models went back to four headlights. The Supreme Cutlasx package was available on and off throughout production. This was also the first year GM introduced the OBD-I computer controlled engine management and emission control system. A 4-door sedan was added to the Supreme lineup, with a new front end and a slight taillight lens restyle resembling a touch-tone dial or Rubik's Cube - this lens style was used until The older body was renamed to be the G-Body.

Both featured chrome wheels, red striping and a high output Oldsmobile V8 with 4 barrel carburetor, dual muffler exhausts and Hurst's then new three stick Lightning Rods shifter the latter eventually 69 Cutlass Supreme a magnet for thieves. The Cutlass Supreme was produced by Oldsmobile and designed after the Oldsmobile Calaiswhich became a separate model on the GM N platform in the same year. The rear-wheel drive Cutlass Calais was renamed the Cutlass Salon taking its name from the upscale Supreme coupe and sedan that preceded the Cutlas.

The added performance that adds to the pleasure of driving. Brougham Coupe and Sedan - Although very similar to the original Cutlass Supreme, the Brougham is slightly better equipped. It has the same exact 3. Also includes a convenience group with lamps, visor vanity mirror and chime tones.

To finish off the specialization of the premium model, Oldsmobile created specific Brougham hood ornaments. A Buick was the base motor 69 Cutlass Supreme the Oldsmobile For its final year, the package was 69 Cutlass Supreme to the Supreme model. It was badged Cutlass Supreme Classic Cuylass, and 27, were built. The Olds was the only available engine. Two high-performance variants were created, both using a high-output version of Oldsmobile's 5. A front-wheel-drive Cutlass Supreme based on the GM10 platform W-body was introduced as a 2-door notchback Cutlasz mid-year during the production run, while the final year of Cutlass Supreme RWD coupes were still being produced.

This new FWD model shared its The and models were 2-door coupes. This body 69 Cutlass Supreme proved to be a winner for NASCAR competition and it visited the victory circle 13 times between andwhen Oldsmobile ended its racing program. Throughout its run, the convertible was considered a separate trim level. International Series Citlass could be equipped with unique features such as quad bucket seats with dual center consoles, a driver information system and a heads-up display.

A very rare Muncie 5-speed manual transmission option was paired first with the 2. The entire line was restyled forwith coupes and convertibles gaining distinctive "mini-quad" headlamps shared with the Pontiac Grand Prix coupe. A driver's side airbag became standard inand a new ergonomically curved dashboard with dual airbags debuted in The trim levels and the lineup were gradually pared down over time. The Quad-4 was last produced during the model year; the manual transmission option during ; the International Series during ; the S model during ; the convertible during ; and the 3.

The Cutlass Cutlqss ceased production at the end of the model year. That same year, an N-body Elephant Tube actually a badge-engineered Malibu was introduced to replace the Cierabut this model lasted just three years.

The Cutlass Supreme's place in Cutlaas Oldsmobile line was taken by the Intriguebuilt on the next version of the W platform. The Cutlass Supreme ended production on April 24, The first Cutlass Supreme rolled off the assembly line on January 13, All 50 used on track on race day and Alexia Fast Naked Festival activities were essentially hand-built.

Following the race 50 very select Oldsmobile dealers were given the opportunity to purchase one of these cars. After the 50 were in the dealers' hands across the country, General Motors discovered some issue with the certification of these one-off models.

Each dealer was asked to return Sjpreme to GM where they were to be destroyed and receive full 69 Cutlass Supreme of their purchase price. Thomas Knobloch, a second-generation Oldsmobile dealer in Erie, Pennsylvania was one of those dealers who refused to relinquish his car. The Knobloch Cutlzss sold the Showstars Topless after his death.

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69 Cutlass Supreme

69 Cutlass Supreme

69 Cutlass Supreme

The Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is a mid-size car produced by Oldsmobile between and It was positioned as a premium offering at the top of the Cutlass range. It was produced as a rear-wheel drive two-door hardtop , sedan , and station wagon into the s, and a convertible through

69 Cutlass Supreme

Its litre engine is a naturally aspirated, overhead valve, 8 cylinder that produces bhp ( PS/ kW) of power at rpm, and maximum torque of N·m ( lb·ft/ kgm) at rpm. The engine delivers its power through to the wheels by means of a 4 speed manual transmission. Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme specificationsBody type: 4/5 seater sedan/saloon.

69 Cutlass Supreme

69 Cutlass Supreme

69 Cutlass Supreme

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