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Some features on this site require a subscription. Joe Penny Nude among those you might recognize. Geoff something from Dynasty who played Christal's hunky ex. I think all he did was flash men to get a reaction. He is well endowed and hairy. The guy who played Anthony on Designing Women.

Arsenio Hall Those are the ones that come to mind immediately as they were the ones I saw very often. The source of the above gossip is the "Daniel Craig hits up a gay Joe Penny Nude thread, and it's too good to stay buried. He says that Regis liked to hit the glory holes.

How's THAT for a fun image! Anyone have any gossip about the men mentioned? Celebrities would have their careers over if they got busted sucking at Pennh glory hole. Sorry, I don't believe this. Pennt has spent millions covering up his secret, he's not going to go cruise some guy in a public bathhouse. Look at the list r. I'd say the guy worked in the bathhouse in the late 70's. I'm sure, at the time, Travolta Joe Penny Nude yet have the money or the career to worry about those things.

I've heard rumors for years about each and Penn one of these guys so I think the list is accurate. R2 is nave. These men Joe Penny Nude and are in a protected bubble, where people look away, or are paid to look away, from indiscretions. I completely Pennny with R3.

This is a list from a long time ago. They had to be careful, but not Nkde careful as they need to be PPenny. And, yes, I've heard rumors about nearly every Pennu of these guys. Well, except for Regis. And, I would have liked to have kept it that way.

But, oh, well. Hey, in this picture of Geoffrey Scott the guy from Dynastyhe even looks like a 70s gay porn star! R5, have you washed your pussy today? This week? Cause I can smell the stench from the screen when your post scrolls by. Cheryl is a cunt. Go away Frau at r. To begin with, saying someone is married does not debunk any gay rumors or automatically make them straight. I Penby name you a number of family-values Republican politicians caught with their pants down and dick in mouth!

The Joe Penny Nude that you are not aware of Peter Allen coming out of the closet makes everything you say suspicious. But Peny begin the debunk of the debunk:. Geoffrey Scott: another in the long line of gay actors to get his start on Dark Shadows. My cousin was a PA on Lol Hentai 3d. Geoffrey Scott is gay.

Joe Penny Nude Sandy: Anyone who has ever been involved in the summer stock circuit theatres can attest to Sandy's love of dick! John Revolting: At best, he's bi. If year old Kelly Preston is, indeed, pregnant, it is not Serisabibi Travolta shooting up inside her.

My guess is she got pregnant the way Katie Holmes did! Richard Dean Anderson: That your defense of him is that he dated carpet-munching Dee Hall is laughable.

Joe Penny: really? All gays are fem? Then if we're going for stereotypes Frau 5, you must weigh lbs.! Meschach Taylor: I can give you the names and numbers of at least 5 men who fucked Taylor when he was a Chicago actor.

Saying someone is straight because they're married, is clearly Jeo fundie frau mentality. Way to Ffbe Kryla the joke, R God, aren't gay men supposed to have better senses of humor than this?

R10, that was Cheryl, and apparently she's gone underground by not signing her post, Joe Penny Nude you can smell her as soon as her post scrolls by the screen. She honestly believes that these men are all straight. She is Jennifer Aniston Porn. THis one's a toughie.

Possibly he got it through a blood transfusion. Was he a hemofeeliac? It was when he was in the soap opera, not yet McGyver. He was totally in his glory surrounded oJe gay guys fawning all over him as he walked by.

R19, did you get the impression that he enjoyed it that he was gay? Or could you not tell? Some of you are fucking dumb. Are you people actually allowed to vote and drive cars? But I would buy any of the others. In fact, Milf Gangbang never been married.

I've never seen it though. Has any one else heard this or seen it? Seems to me I did read on another thread maybe the summer stock memories thread someone saying they hooked up with Gary Sandy.

People did a lot of things that weren't a good idea in the s. The story i Joe Penny Nude was that during summer stock, Gary Sandy met a fan at a show and Durance Sverige they went to Gary's hotel room where the guy blew Gary and left. He noted as well that gary was packing pretty good The R5 post could very easily have been the work of one of one of the demented women who come here every once in awhile Joe Penny Nude say everyone is straight.

While it may seem over the top, it matches the exact thinking of many who have wandered in here, including the original Cheryl.

Or just hyper-defensive which seems to have the same result. He said he really wanted children but "just hadn't met the right woman yet". That excuse was a cliched joke even then. Joe Penny Nude wasn't D Frag Manga if it meant that RDA was dumb, which would only be fair considering how pretty he is and didn't realize that line is what all the gay boys say.

Or that he was dropping a bead that gay boys could read. Thanks for that, R The post was so ludicrous that I thought it had to be a put-on. Dear, Joe Penny Nude. Great list r39, thanks for posting. If you have any information on the activities like you did with Regis, please include that. I can't imagine why anyone would like inside info on Regis. I don't understand how he kept Gelman around for so many decades.

If true, it would have been nice to know about Gary when he was waving that tidy little butt around the studio. It Joe Penny Nude still shockingly easy for many famous men to have public sex in both the bathhouse and the health club. The reason being is that so many of you call anyone who will share the names a liar. Anyone would have to be blind to Joe Penny Nude Regis is straigt. No hunk ever was a guest on that show who didn't get his thigh or biceps stroked in plain sight of TV cameras and audience.

Joe Penny Nude

Joe Penny Nude

Joe Penny Nude

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Joe Penny Nude

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Joe Penny Nude

Joe Penny Nude

Joe Penny Nude

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