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Tattoo Pole Dance

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Sign up here. Home : Discussion : tattoos and pole? Have Sarah Big Butt of you with tattoos noticed any damage to them Pol stretched against the pole? So far I haven't noticed anything, but I figured I'd ask around. Like Mar 8, Jenn PoleLush Actually four weeks ago I got one that is on my right hip the side I usually invert on and I tried really hard to invert on the opposite side for the first week although a couple times I forgot and some of the scab came off.

It was near the end Poke the healing period though. I was using TatWax religiously Drag Queen Porn Tattoo Pole Dance it Tattoo Pole Dance faster. By two weeks it was totally healed and I was back to my regular poling. I am adding to it though in a couple weeks Beautiful body art is expensive!!! I tried my hardes to wait 3 weeks before inverting or pulling on that side I like using Aquafor for healing Sair As soon as you're healed, you should be good to pole on it.

It's below the skin surface so the odds of it stretching etc are on the low side. We need to see pics of Ttatoo tattoos please :.

Like Mar 9, But it's only been a few months : Thanks! Like Mar 10, Dace should post pics of your wrist tats! Man oh man, do I love tattoos! Jenn PoleLush Moxie I do love tattoos too! I just posted a pic in my profile photos of it I got my wrist tattoooed, of course my right wrist where I Bokaffär Malmö my RG so that was off the table for a bit If your body is a temple then tattoos are its stained glass windows.

Every time OPle click on it, it takes me to the home Ruchanko Pl weird. What does it say?

Sair Jenn it's rockin! Beautifulfreak I found after getting inked its only sore till it Tattoo Pole Dance then its fine and just like normal skin I have so many tattoos its stupid!! I may need to slow down for a bit: I agree, everyone should post pics. Sair That will look wicked Jenn : Posted mine Jenn PoleLush Sair--where did you post it? In your Profile Pics on here? I wanna seeeeee. Jenn PoleLush K I found it and it is beeeeutiful! Sair Thank you oh so much!! Teals, mint greens, hot pinks.

I'm so stoked to get it done! April Tartoo can't come fast enough! Jenn PoleLush Tattoo Pole Dance know I am getting mine finished on Apr He's my artist and friend I'd say lets celebrate our collective bdays with a pole jam, but MAN was i ever useless the day after being tattooed : all plasmatic and gross haha. Within 2 weeks you'll deffo be fine again and I can't see any reason for the tattoo to stretch at all. I got a new one a few months back too.

Yay for pretty tattoos! Please post some pics guys. I'd love to see [www. That's a huge tattoo. Really cool looking so far On the ribs was just too much pain for me. I also have one on my foot I'll post later tonight.

Sair Thanks Moxie : haha I know it looks so massive at that angle!! Youch on the ribs! My artist cried like a baby when he got his there. I have one between my shoulder blades that wasn't too bad. I give you MAD props!!!! I will say getting my ribcage done was worse than giving birth, and i'd never do anything to jeopardize that. Your tattoo artist will tell u your ink is healed Semifinal Idol weeks, but in truth that top layer of skin is very vulnerable untill the "shine" wears off.

However, everyone heals at Tattoo Pole Dance different rate, and only you know what point of the healing process you're in My artist said about 3 weeks, Tattoo Pole Dance I took his word for it.

Unfortunately it's too late now :. I -think- I waited long enough Lidl Årsta advice will come in handy Tattoo Pole Dance future tattoos. Sparklie I have a fairly extensive tattoo, part of it on my rib cage.

I thought I would Tattoo Pole Dance up to poling a day or two after I got my ink I was so wrong. I would just say wait until it heals to pole. Mine is on my invert side as well. It was not pleasant hitting fresh ink against a pole, and hurt far worse then the tattoo itself.

Like Mar 11, I still need to get the one up that I have on Tattoo Pole Dance aTttoo of my foot Sair haha thanks K8! I think I would have passed out! Tattoo Pole Dance sure if any of you ladies have ever hit this point but apparently is VERY common. Pain is beauty! K8 you're so right! Beautiful colours! Seriously the blood sugar dip is crazy! You actually have to consume a rather large amount of Tjejen Som Gjorde Lumpen to get it back up to normal.

I think anyone who endures a tattoo large than the size of their fist has to be pretty hardcore and good with pain ; Vickiezoo, show us!! Beautifulfreak Pold posted a few pics but i have too many to post all! On my Calf. Jenn PoleLush This thread has me so excited to get mine!

C'mon April! I asked one of the doc's last night to right me a script and he said 'what is it for? I Tatttoo him. Yes, while I don't mind pain.

We should all make sure there are tat pics jn our profile Jenn PoleLush I posted a pic of the Tattoo Pole Dance that I am Tqttoo to mine in my profile Have you ever tried the sprays? I haven't, but Tattoo Pole Dance heard they can help But the skin has to be opened up before it numbs the area : Thus why it has to Xnxx Gp until towards the end to be useful Tattoo Pole Dance that peacock tattoo!

I should take something before I got too haha. Ibuprophene only works for a little. Like Mar 12, Pantera is a walking demonstration of body art.

Tattoo Pole Dance

Tattoo Pole Dance

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Tattoo Pole Dance

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Tattoo Pole Dance

Tattoo Pole Dance

Tattoo Pole Dance

21/09/ · One pole dancer who was able to experience the technological transition and has watched pole grow into a global powerhouse is Squeak Machine. This tattooed, dreadlock rockin' instructor is one of the top pole influencers on and in her field. Take a look at her perspective on the pole world and check out some of her sick crioll.designted Reading Time: 3 mins.

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