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By Lassen, modern, contemporary design

By Lassen, modern, contemporary design

by Lassen is Danish design company founded in 2008 with the aim of bringing the desgins of visionary architect Mogens Lassen back into production. Later the designs of his brother Flemming Lassen, another of Denmark's great functionalist architects were added to the collection, followed by those of an internal  by Lassen design team. 
The simplicity of it's design makes it perfectly blend in with many different settings. And the quality of it's production give you the certainty that it will be around for a very long time.


We are introducing this wonderfull brand next week during Dutch Design Week 2016, if you are in Eindhoven dont miss our exhibition in Sectie C to see most of their incedible collection up-close. 


Saxe chair, 1955; Twin table & Frame boxes, 2013
The Frame system was based on a sketch by Mogens Lassen from 1943 and further developed by by Lassen its a modular system that can be used in a great variety of ways.
ML42, 1942, the stool has a focus on  quality and extraordinary craftsmanship, considered a collector's item by international design connoisseurs.
Twin Bookcase, 2015
Frame system + View mirror, 2013
The Kubus Bowl, 2009
Rimm flowerpots, 2016

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